Workshop on Creativity in the Classroom London Sept 2019

Creativity in Education

It is not easy to define creativity. It is related to plenty of our thoughts, actions, and activities. Overall, it can be defined as the ability to generate/recognize new and imaginative ideas, connecting them with others to reveal/create some hidden patterns or anomalies and turning them into reality or using them in a problem solving situation. The following diagram shows the concepts and skills which were used to put the above definition together:

The ability of thinking outside the box and seeing things from different perspective, being flexible and adaptable in an uncertain situation, being inquisitive and asking effective questions, the ability to work with others as well as working independently, maintain motivated and ambitious, … all and all are the main characteristics of creativity and being creative.

When it comes to teaching and learning all these aspects are going to be considered from teaching & learning perspective to provide an educational environment in which not only educators perform creatively but also their delivery could create the environment in which students could develop their creativity skills and also being creative in their daily life practice as a student and more importantly as a citizen of the global world.