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I have a combined BSc & Teaching Qualification in pure mathematics, MSc in Pure mathematics, in which I worked on the uniquely colourable graphs and their properties. I completed my PhD in Mathematics Education at Warwick University. The focus of my PhD thesis was on Modelling recursion and recursive procedures. I designed an animative visualization domain of abstraction (AVDA) in a Logo-based computer environment to study how university-level students form, shape and evolve their mental models of recursion.

I have more than two decades of experience of teaching, lecturing and senior management in higher education internationally. I have taught a wide range of mathematics modules and research methodology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I also have intensive international experience in curriculum design and development. In my previous role, I was leading the mathematics and statistics curriculum design and development in a multi-million-pound project between the University of Warwick and Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan.

In the last five years, I have been focusing on a wide range of innovative methods of teaching, learning and assessment. From an effective flip model in a blended environment to authentic education and assessment in higher education. I have also had a particular focus on Education for Sustainable Development and have been leading CU ESD working group and running a wide range of workshops and webinars on ESD.

My research interests are Innovative teaching & learning methods, ESD, Authentic curriculum, Students mental models of mathematical concepts, Fractals, Mathematics resilience

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